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    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson


    Now I know not all my followers are cat lovers but most of you are! This forum is for all pet lovers alike to sit with a coffee and get to know some of the animals that follow me on 1bike1world! Come and share your stories, hints and tips and pictures of your pets! Support each other and show some love!


    love all pets! have two pups and two gatos. foster them on occasion. mainly been donating to the local humane societies if there are extreme cases of neglect or confiscation of hoarding situations. my four  hanging out the other day. 


    Hi Dean and Nala

    Hope you’re both ok.   This is Bobby, I found him as a kitten (5/6 weeks) in Portugal, the Algarve to be precise.  He was a bedraggled little boy with a massive scab on the side of his face.   I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him, I just cried.  My husband helped me catch him, he must have been in so much pain, we took him to the vets and she said he’s had a trauma of some kind (I believe an adult cat had scratched him in the face probably fighting over food)  he had and still has a large scar down the front of his face across the place where his eye was and down the nose.  The vet said I need to put him out and see what’s under that scab.  When we returned she said the eye has virtually gone not much left and the socket is full of infection.   I can get him cleaned up etc but maybe you would rather I put him to sleep.  I said no way, do what you have to do.   After his op, his eye was removed and the socket had to be left open because there was so much infection.  Sorry for the graphic detail.  To cut an extremely long story short, there was a lot of problem getting him back to the UK.  I couldn’t fly him back because he was too young, he didn’t have a pet passport so he had to go into quarantine, the train journey was too long, and no hire cars were available.  My husband had already returned to the UK so the only thing left to do was contact a local quarantine cattery and they came and fetched him (they also arrived with all the necessary paperwork to allow him into the UK).  This involved a fair amount of money.   He did his 6 months time in what I affectionately call his jail time, I hated every minute  he was there and used to visit 4 days a week and sit in the pen with him.   He eventually got the eye closed and came home to us.   The rest as they say is history, he is now 10 years old.   Much love to you both. xxx  PS  We have another 3 rescue cats too.


    Hi Dean,

    Thank you for your suprise when I read this morning that you and Nala have a website now! I had also a break of Instagram. Last weeks I was thinking a lot about you and Nala. You and Nala are the only one…who I really follow…and I’m looking forward every day to see a picture of video, what is like eating cake with friends. So thank you a lot lot lot to share your stories and life with all of us, all over the world. I’m very happy, trough finding Nala, you have given so much changes!! and have done a lot, like so much donations…  and let see what is going on…with plastic and so on….

    Thanks for that..  Here are soms photo’s of my two little cats.. Roa and Luka. I’ve rescued them from Cran Canaria, like 1.8 years ago. I’ve never had cats…so everything is new for me. They are brother and sister. Every day they gives me big smiles and I have to laugh about them. I give them so much love and they give me also so much love. …

    Love from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Maaike Slingerland |

    rescue cats Roa and Luka





    Princess is a Rescue Cat in Timaru, New Zealand, who had seizures, diagnosed as due to pressure on her brain from a large cyst.  Her Veterinary Surgeon has paid to fly her to a specialist in Auckland to open her skull and drain the cyst.

    Princess is recovering from her brain surgery.  If you would like to donate towards this expensive procedure, you can Give A Little.



    awwww he’s so pretty


    Hey Dean and Nala This is TJ (Trap Jaw)  I found him outside one day in January when he was maybe a month old he had trapped himself in my screened in deck when we caught him he was all teeth and claws earning him his name. he had a metal pellet in his right cheek that almost hit him in the eye, thankfully it was removed safely and ever since he has been glued to my side he is my baby and i love him lol i dont know how i would handle if i lost him. when he sleeps it’s very reare for him to sleep like he is in the image he acts like a human with t-rex arms and rabbit feet he is very curious and funny as well as somtimes a dum dum he likes running face first into walls and doors XD which is funny and if you ask “who’s hungry” out of 5 cats he is always the first at my side purring and rubbing on me

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