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    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    Hi Guys,

    So we have finally made a Youtube video giving the full run down of the bike and what we carry on the road. The video covers everything so naturally was quite lengthy and is broken down into three parts. If you missed the video’s catch them here Part 1 out now Part 2 and 3 to follow.

    As promised the links to all our equipment is listed below.  A couple wee tips if you’re planning a trip. Get a good stove, nothing worse than when it’s freezing cold and your coffee is taking forever to boil. Make sure your bike is ready for the journey ahead, if you have followed us for a while you’ll know of the whole tyre puncture hell I went through when in Turkey and Georgia. also a big thank you to Colin from Belhaven bikes who got us set up back in 2018 for the trip, the trailer we have for the bike didn’t have the right fitting so he made one which is still going over 10,000 miles later. Download the Kamoot app, it’s perfect for checking and planning routes. We’ve documented loads of routes and pictures along the way on our profile so check it out here. 

    As mentioned check out the comics from Kelly Ulrich. The series Dean & Nala + Vinny is a hilarious taken on what we have gotten up to. Nala’s trusty side kick Vinny always has a lot to say and his and Nala’s side stories make the series the hit that it is!

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a wee Bosnian flag drop your responses below!

    As you know I love a bit of music and the JBL speakers are great for pushing you on and giving you that motivation. We have a Spotify playlist for on the road you can find here. We are always looking for new tunes to cycle along to so add your suggestions into our SOUND TRACK YOUR SOUL forum.

    Seaforyourself sent us a bamboo cutlery set right back in 2019. They are the perfect eco travel solution and we still use it today. You can shop the cutlery set, straws and toothbrushes here with 10% discount.  20p from every product sold goes to ocean clean up charities.

    Honk, Nala’s Giraffe toy was bought in a little shop in Georgia. A lot of people have got in touch asking where to get one or how to make one so we have put all the details in our Knitting club forum.

    If you have any questions drop them in the replies below. Thank you for watching and supporting us!

    Bike flat lay


    For Nala



    Dean I don’t see which headlight on the bike you used. Not your headlamp but the actual headlight on your handlebars. Can you put a link to that or can you post that please? I need a new one mine broke. Thank you! Lisa from Los Angeles


    Yes, that’s the last thing you want is frozen toothpaste! 😂

    How much does your loaded rig weigh?

    Thanks for the great videos!


    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    Hi Lisa, Here is the link for the light



    Thank you so much Dean!

    I love everything you are doing…cycling, traveling around the world, rescuing animals, loving and caring for Nala, the fact that you are Scottish, have a great sense of humor, I could go on and on!!! But basically you make my day. I look forward to your videos and posts. I can’t wait to get my calendars again! Be safe and travel well. Love to you and Nala! Thank you !!!!


    Hi Dean and Nala.  Thank you for doing these videos on your bike gear Dean.  I can see where getting the correct weight balance would be critical for cycling.  About how much does your gear weigh currently?  I have such an appreciation of how you have to anticipate what your needs will be when you are out in the middle of nowhere!  Please take care, be safe and well.  You and Nala are so appreciated!

    Keith Mills

    My post isn’t being accepted by the YT bots to your Part 3 Bike Gear video so I’m posting it here instead:

    “Hey Dean, for woolly socks try these: Woolpower Socks 200 grey (my previous post was deleted by the YT bots as I committed the cardinal sin of inserting a link 🤣, however search for them on the internet and you’ll find them easily. I get them from Mounteqshop in Belgium.)

    “Developed in a collaborative venture in the 70s between a Swedish outdoor clothing company, the Swedish military, survival experts, doctors and scientists, this technical fabric is simply amazing stuff! It’s toasty warm, highly breathable and super light for the warmth it provides, and their socks are honestly the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.”



    Hey Dean,


    Have you considered switching to an electric -assist bike or putting a motor on your Trek?  I know it would add some weight and recharging could be a pain, but perhaps it would be worth it to get you up some of those hills.

    Your book and You Tube videos helped to get me out of a nasty case of the blue funk!  What an inspiration you two are!

    All the best to you and Nala,



    Hi Dean, thank you so much for posting this! I don’t see the front rack product that you use to ziptie Nala’s basket onto. I have the same basket but the manufacturer’s mounting britch doesn’t work with my bike frame. Could you please share the rack that you use? It would be super helpful to know. Thanks from Katherine in California!


    Dean what size carrier does Nala ride in. I see there are 3 different sizes.
    Thank you, Sara


    Hi Sara,

    Was just reading through some posts and also checking out the carrier. I noticed on the website it states ‘This product is used a lot for cats. The size XL is needed for a cat’. Not sure if this is the size Dean has for Nala but thought it might help.

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