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    Have just finished your book. I want to let you know how much I really enjoyed it.

    I loved the simple way you told your was informative , humorous and captivating.  I loved your honestly and how you revealed yourself to us. I could understand  what you meant about Nala’s influence on you and how loving , caring for her has helped you bring your true self to the fore.

    Thank you for sharing not only your physical journey with us but your inner journey too.

    I loved that you and Ricky met up on your quick trip home to Dunbar for your Gran’s 90th. I appreciate you introducing your family to us.

    You are a natural story teller and I see Nala’s World as Book 1 , Volume 1 !😊

    I hope you do getting reading this Dean as you continue on your own path of self discovery with Nala. ” What’s  for you, won’t  go by you ” ” ( I may not be writing it in ‘Scottish’ but am saying it in Scottish 😄) is such a true saying.

    Take care Dean,

    Again Congrats and safe journey to you and Nala

    Olive K ( Polycarp)


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Wonderfully said & I agree 100% with every word – thank you.</p>
    Like you, I have no idea if Dean gets to see these posts – given all the hundreds of other demands on his time these days. But I do hope so, as I too want him to never forget the positive impact his & Nala’s story continues to have on so many of us. Thank goodness his road took him the way it did and helped put his sometimes troubled former days well behind him. We salute you, Dean.


    I am enjoying the book so much and am very pleased that it is getting so many 5 star reviews!!


    Dear Dean and Nala,

    Quite unexpectedly I received your book from my brother who lives in Virginia.  I live in Oregon.  He’s a veteran cyclist, which is likely the way he heard of you.  Or perhaps his wife, who shares with us a passion for rescuing and supporting those dedicated to mass rescuing.  We are devoted to our cats.  I got the book last night, and finished it in less than 24 hours.  I too am a soulmate to a cat, his name is Cesar, who came to me as a 5 week old barn rescue.  He came to me almost a year after I was in a car wreck, and he pulled me out of a depression with his loving purr and kitten antics.  He is just the most recent of my cat soulmates, and it’s a rare connection.  Sebastian, Mr. Andy Rooney Puss, Ferin, have all passed before him.  I have rescued horses, chickens, bunnies, yet cats are what I can’t imagine a life without at least one by my side.  I have 4 at the moment.  If you ever decide to ride through America, my hospitality awaits.  I’m also a 30 year career travel advisor.  Any questions, consider me a resource.  Thank you for the adventure by armchair you gave to me during this pandemic.  May your adventures continue when it ends!


    LOVED it. Didn’t want it to end. Please continue the saga with another one!!!


    anche a me piaciuto tantissimo!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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