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    Avatarle maire.vanina

    I love all the videos which I watched over and over again without getting bored 😁.

    One of my favourite is the trip to the pet shop 😻


    Hands down, “Nap Time“. Only 50s long but what pure joy and love!

    Bring me to tears every time 😊


    I have watched the video ad for his first Nala calendar many times and smile all the way through it.

    I know it isn’t in great focus at first, but it’s just precious done to the song calendar girl.  Youtube

    calendar girl 2020. is how I find it.


    I love all of Dean’s videos.  They have helped get me through this pandemic madness and for that I am so grateful.  They video work has steadily improved and the drone took it to a new level.  I’ve seen places I will probably never have a chance to see – through the eyes of a precious puss.

    I’m so glad Dean decided to Bike around our 1 world. Xxx


    Heather, you can find the videos on 1Bike1World on YouTube.  My favorites are Santorini, and the 7 Turkey videos with a great mix of music and audio from the videos.  Dean has a real knack for finding just the right music for his videos!  Best wishes.  I’ve watched them all, some hundreds of times!!!!

    AvatarJessica Smith

    I only started watching YouTube consistently during the multiple lockdowns last year  and then I caught up with Dean and Nala in the autumn of 2020. Like many other people I watch and rewatch the videos but one of my favourites is the videos parts 1 and 2 called Cat’s Adventures towards Budapest. This is the one where Dean  builds a shelter in the woods while Nala plays up trees. It reminds me of making dens when I was a child. The second part involves cycling through mud which encrusts the bike chain : “Good war paint though” he comments before settling down to scrape mud off his bike. After another night in the hammock Nala and Dean make it to Budapest.

    This was made last March just before the first lockdown.




    When you go to Dean’s YouTube channel, click on the Videos tab. All of the videos will be there.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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