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    Dear 1bike1world,
    I’ve been following your adventures every night for over a year.
    I live in small Serbia, which you also visited and where, unfortunately, the attitude towards animals
    not exactly the best.
    It is for these reasons that I think the man who rescues cats from the street is extremely selfless
    he nurtures them in his apartment, he deserves our attention. All 14 cats were neutered and vaccinated
    under the constant supervision of a veterinarian and very nicely persuaded. All expenses are gentleman’s so far
    he settled on his modest income and had never sought help before.
    Unfortunately, I received this letter today:

    Gvozden and Milica (Cat names) became ill with Fip, feline infectious peritonitis, 100% fatal disease, they die mostly after two months, with care and attention some live a little longer. The cause is feline corona stomach virus which is harmless until it breaks out of the intestine. bloodstream, cats infected with the virus generally fight it and go through some mild stomach problems, and 80% of cats become infected with it during their lifetime. If it enters the bloodstream from the gut, the virus mutates in such a way that it has acquired the ability to enter the bloodstream. lymph cell that further spreads it throughout the body, the immune system after hiding in the lymphocyte can no longer recognize it as a foreign body and it multiplies in peace forcing the lymphocyte to produce proteins for it, attacks all organs, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart , the brain. In America, experiments were performed on cats with a receiver, a drug for Ebola, and it was successful, but to this day there is no interest from a pharmaceutical company from America that made the drug and applied it to animals. It takes ten to fourteen years for the drug to go through all the stages of research and get approval for use. The drug is a small atom nucleus and is labeled Gs-411524 and its effect is to enter the DNA of the virus and interfere with its replication and practically blocks its further reproduction. The Chinese synthesized it and illegally produced and distributed it through websites, and FIP-Worrior groups on Facebook participate with advice in the treatment and procurement of drugs, in these groups are included some veterinarians who decided on advice to help. The first tour of four bottles arrived by plane from Paris, no one here had to borrow a couple of bottles from those who are already treating their cats for the first time, they were all on hand, and medicines from Croatia were supposed to arrive only for ten days Twelve cats are currently being treated in Serbia, there is interest, but most owners, when they hear the price of treatment, do not show up anymore. One 5 ml bottle. costs from 60 to 170 $ depending on the brand, and for one cat of six kilograms at the minimum price and depending on what form of the disease he suffers from, whether it is wet, dry, ocular or nervous, it is necessary to set aside from 1500 to $ 5000. For wet and dry FIP there are doses of 6ml. per kg, ocular 8 ml. nervous brain 10 ml. At Milica and Gvozden it is watery and we started with doses of 6 ml. feed on a syringe for four days, after winning the first dose, the temperature disappeared and never came back, they started eating, now they are running and jumping, playing and climbing, their body has absorbed fluid from their stomachs and for now we are pushing in the right direction I cut their shoulders so that I could monitor the condition of their skin, nothing of the medicine should leak out, first because of the therapeutic dose, and second because of the hydrochloric acid in which the GS solution is, because in that case it burns their skin, the pH value of the solution is from 1.5 – 1.8. and devilish injections bake, hell when I give them for me and for them. Now we are on 18 injections and they should receive another 66. Yesterday I paid for another 30 bottles and they should arrive from Croatia in a couple of days. I borrowed money for treatment, and twelve more need to be fed, I took an anima strath supplement to boost immunity and give it to everyone, the virus is excreted in the feces and survives in the environment for up to two months and the probability is high that everyone is infected and I hope the others push it out with their own immunity



    As you can see, he does not ask for help in this letter either, but it can be seen that he is in a difficult situation.
    I am not able to help him in any significant way, which is why I decided to help you
    I ask for a donation in any amount. Any help is welcome.
    Account to which it can be sent

    Account number 265000000469826491
    Owner Nenad Berisavljevic

    Thank you in advance and best regards to you and Nala

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