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    Hello all,

    I’m sure most of you are as concerned as I am about Nala being so sick. Ever since she and Dean returned home, she has not been feeling very good. It worries me that she still is not eating. Every cat lover knows that it only takes a few days of not eating, for a cat to become extremely ill.

    jeanne h.mathieujeanne h.mathieu

    Yes, indeed Terri. I am not a social media person. A part from the Comic no information. It is very worrisom.

    Cross my fingers all goes well.

    Thank you for posting this message. We just may get more information this way.

    Kind regards


    If she isn’t eating she should be wrapped up in a towel like a kitty burrito and fed the appropriate food with a Popsicle stick.


    Thank you for your post I don’t have any social media and was concerned when there were no u tube blogs and the tracker showed Dean and Nala back in Scotland. I just hope and pray all turns out okay.


    She will recover. She has to! I pray for her and so do many people here. 💖 Again and again I check Dean on Instagram for news about Nala. Be strong Dean for your little girl! 💗



    Please Please can the lady who runs this website please keep those of us not on social media or like me suddenly can’t really access my Instagram account updated on Nala’s condition?- we’re so worried about Nala – we all love her so much, she is jjust such a special girl


    I hope Nala is feeling better. It is so tough to see a kitty not feeling well but she is in good hands with Dean. I don’t have social media either so not able to read Instagram updates.

    jeanne h.mathieujeanne h.mathieu

    Yes, indeed. A short news update on Nala is more than welcome. So very concerned about how she is progressing 🕉🕉🕉

    jeanne h.mathieujeanne h.mathieu


    a friend of mine went on Instagram. Dean was able to feed her with à seringe. That was yesterday. She has since then nibbled on her food and drank water by herself. Dean has good hopes. Not yet out of the wood as he says. But going the right direction, as he says. He is with her every step of the way.

    Dean has posted some pictures where he holds her.

    Hope it is a bit of info for the non Social Media amongst us.


    Any additional information of Nala.  I do not use social media as much… I usually just watch the YouTube Videos but was worried, since to new information.  All prayers for Nala and social support for Dean, it must be hard to wait and see what the progress is…


    I too am another devoted website/YouTube follower of Dean and Nala – but not on Instagram or Facebook.  They have been in my thoughts and prayers as I wondered what might have happened to one or both of them – and they remain in my prayers after reading this update.  Thank you for posting the news, Terri and Jeanne.   Dean and Nala are bright lights in this dark world, and I am incredibly grateful for the love and joy they have shared with so many of us around the world.


    I am Nala’s and Dean’s follower, their story has captivated me and ever since I found them on YouTube I have been following them.  When Nala’s health deteriorated I was devastated.  I find very hard to get the latest news about them.  Does anyone know what was exactly wrong with her?  My thoughts are with both of them, I find their stories are an oasis in this troubled world.


    I have looked every day for YouTube updates and it wasn’t until I hunted the net and found this site that I learned that Nala is sick.

    As a dedicated follower of the duo I rely on YouTube. I do not use other Social Media and couldn’t find real info on the official website. We need to be kept up to date too.


    Hello Dean from Kara in Saint Paul Minnesota USA. I came to know of you  and Nala earlier this winter and became an INSTANT DEVOUT supporter but now I’m  so stomach sick worried about Nala.  and also worried for you.  can anyone update me as to Nala’s condition and progress?    Thank you,    Kara Kirsch



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