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    Dean’s  photos  of Nala are always so well done, wouldn’t it be super if he could put together a coffee table book of all the photos he has taken of her since the beginning! He could throw in a few dozen that include himself as he is not hard on the eyes either and we love him too!



    Just pre-ordered the calendar, and the book. SO EXCITED! Dean, you, and Nala are so welcome to some of our families homes. In Australia, Tasmania, California, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Florida. Your story is so inspiring. Being from a family 7 generations in the horse business, we understand to take care of those with no voice. Thank you for saving Nala, and for donating so much to those in need. Hope to see you in the USA, when you’re able to come here! SAFE TRAVELS you two!!!


    Cynthia, Sully, Ninja, and Speedy Morgan!


    Hi Dean ! eager to have a French version to offer to my mum who will be 80 on october 2nd.. She is the one who showed me in a local french newspaper an article about you both.

    I would love to have her able to read your story in a French version book ! In the meantime, I send her almost every day instagram screenshots  via whatapsn;). Any translation in process ??? Pleaaaase !!! :-)))Take care and anyway we will enjoy following your adventures !


    Just received the book complete with end papers of photos – two of my friends will be receiving one too as gifts.  It looks a beautiful book and I can’t wait to read the story of world-wide favourites Dean and Nala + all their friends.  We all know that Dean takes such stunning photos of Nala and, of course, Nala is the perfect model.  Look forward to reading about the next cycling adventure down to Greece.

    Ann in Dunbar.


    received the book 2 days ago complete with end papers of photos – now finished reading the book Could not put it down fantastic  ❤️ two of my friends will be receiving one too as gifts.  world-wide favourites Dean and Nala + all their friends.  We all know that Dean takes such stunning photos of princess Nala and, of course, Nala is the perfect model.  Look forward to reading about the next cycling adventures 🐾🐾



    I also pre-ordered waaaaaaaay months ago too. I went ahead and pre-ordered this one just for the pics! LOL.


    I had already pre-ordered waaaaaaaaay back in February but when I saw this, I just pre-ordered again. Someone will get a nice American version of this book as a gift!


    Just place an order for a Book in Australia. Day 1 and book is sold out already, we have to wait for reprint and delivery in 2 weeks time. Cant wait ❤️.


    I preordered my book when it was first announced..super excited it arrived today…luv it ..but became curious when seeing some peoples books had more photos…I pre ordered it not knowing there would be different versions..but seeing the posts people shared w/ extra photos kinda made me wish mine did too…was that offer limited to certain countries? luv the book,  calendar already on order…long time fan of you both…Congrats…just wondering ..


    Yesterday I received a book from a German eshop, it’s beautiful. It is in a soft package, otherwise I could not place an order. Although I’ll have a bit of a problem with German. It is a pity that it cannot be ordered in Slovak or Czech. I guess once too for our small market it will be released. I’d love to buy it. Thank you Dean for your story and for the love you give Nale.


    I pre-ordered my book 2 months ago but I didn’t receive the extra photos! Just the book. And I love it I’m almost done with it I’ve read it in about two days. It’s fabulous but I wish I had the extra photos too.


    I just ordered my copy here in the US.  I also pre-ordered the calendar and I subscribe to Kelly’s comics as well (gotta love Vinny!).  I am just a *little* bit of a fan! lol  I can’t wait to receive my book!


    I LOVE the idea of a photo album!  It would be the perfect way to see all of Dean’s amazing photo’s.  Something I would definitely buy


    Hi Dean and Nala,

    I received my copy a week ago here in Toronto, Canada.  So far i love it! Just pre ordered the calendar too, can’t wait for that. Just love following you guys on this journey and living vicariously through the two of you! What a great adventure! I hope i get to meet you both one day either here in Toronto or if i’m lucky to travel, somewhere in the world! Take care you too and be safe!



    I preordered, and paid, my copy in June. Still haven’t got it. Sure hope it wasn’t a scam and that I will get it soon.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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