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    For several years now I’ve been following a motorhome traveler in the US who serves and transports a cat named Jax.

    There are actually several full time motorhomers or “RVers” in the US who travel with pussy cats, but one in particular stands out, both for interest and quality of the Youtube videos and also for the success achieved in doing it.

    Nomadic Fanatic


    In due course, I will link a few Jax heavy videos Eric ( Nomadic Fanatic ) made so you can get to see this wonderful puss. Jax is a big cat, being half Maine Coon and half Ragdoll, with polydactyl paws ( extra toes ). As much as Eric’s adventures are interesting, many think that Jax is the star of the show.

    I plan on sending Eric a copy of Nala’s World if I can find a hub point to send to for him ( he’s presently taking a break from the road at his recently bought little house, making alterations to his RV and for the festive season ).

    Eric now has 218,000 subscribers.

    I am thinking here two things, besides the enjoyment uses of this forum might get from Nomadic Fanatic.

    1)  Getting a shout out from Nomadic Fanatic would be beneficial to 1bike1world, perhaps picking up a lot of new American subscribers ( Eric has 218K subscribers ). The channel promotion would actually work both ways.

    2) The possibility of Dean & Nala one day meeting up with Eric & Jax on the road in America ( its more likely they will go over than vice versa ). I’d really love to see that ! Their meeting up would make for terrific videos.

    I may post later about other travelers with meows.


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