What, Dean can’t return to Scotland. Help me understand.

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    After a long absence from his post, to then read he isn’t allowed back into Europe! Geesh,

    that just sounds horrific. Can anyone help me understand what the F— is going on. Is this

    due to covid, or regulations that are political?


    It’s none of my business, but I can’t resist of also expressing my concerns about not hearing anything from Dean and Nala. I am following their YouTube-Videos since quite a while and I have grown very fond of the two.

    Just want to express it would be quite a relief to me to hear whether they are doing well.

    Thank you and best regards


    I’m a bit concerned that Dean has stopped posting videos and hasn’t posted many pictures at all…..I worry that something is keeping them from being themselves…..I miss the walks they used to take, the adventures they went on around Gmunden….something doesn’t seem quite right to me……….anyone else think that?  I hope he gets back to normal soon…..


    Dean has been putting lots of photos almost daily on his Instagram site.

    jeanne h.mathieujeanne h.mathieu


    I am Jeanne from Belgium. Indeed the pandemic and the impact of everyday life in Europe was big. We spend most of end 2020 and beginning 2021 in various lockdowns, Depending on the country and rate of Covid cases, these where very thight. So indeed also Austria was in lockdowns. Meaning, you where not allowed to leave your home unless absolute necessity, grocery, pharmacy, doctors visit. But also walking your dog/cat. That may have added.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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