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    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    I wanted to share with you two organisations I have donated to who are doing their bit to save the trees! You many have seen me mention these on my social media.

    The first is One Tree Planted every U.S dollar raised plants one tree! For every one of the 2020 charity calendars we sold we planted one tree! Currently they are planting trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

    The second is One Life One Tree they focus on planting giant sequoia trees which can absorb more CO2 than the average U.K. person’s emits in their lifetime. I have planted two, one for me and one for Nala!

    What projects have you been able to support? Have you been able to get out personally and help the trees? Share with is and spread the love!


    My husband has been working planting trees in a local woodland as part of their sustainable foresting during lockdown. His daily exercise allowance and helping plant more trees 🌲


    Tree planting is great but trees don’t grow healthy without proper tree spacing and care: good soil, 1 inch of compost, 2 inches of mulch and the equivalent to 1 inch rain weekly for an established tree (in winter 1 ” per month) or 3 times weekly for a recently planted tree.  Insert a screwdriver in the soil at 1/4 from the edge of the canopy to check that soil is moist at least 3-4 inches deep, 6-8 inches deep if you can.  Water the tree when that soil is dry.  You’ll see wet soil on the screwdriver, measure that length.  Don’t pile up mulch to the trunk because it rots the wood.  Don’t park cars under the shade over the roots of the tree because it compacts the soil killing the roots below the ground. If you must, park on the same spot so that the tree has roots left or spread the weight by putting conctrete bricks, deck, etc.

    The best long lived shade trees grow very slowly so it’s even more important to preserve healthy heritage trees (trunk diameter larger than 24″ for most species), in forests and urban areas, cities that are developing and cutting old healthy trees.  Heritage trees are the workhorses of the planet, the ones that clean the air and sequester carbon.

    I founded a non profit to preserve heritage trees in Texas 11 years ago, but we are on partial hiatus because I ran out of funding.  Feel free to ask me tree questions.


    After I read your post some weeks ago, I spend money for hundred trees in Amazonas rain forest.


    I am a member of a community garden in Nottingham and we planted some fruit trees to create a community orchard. I have also donated to Tree Aid which mostly plants trees in African countries.


    Decided, at last, to become a member of the Woodland Trust which is a charity in the UK.


    In addition, I have just watched a lovely documentary involving Judi Dench and her love of trees. It was originally made for BBC 1 but someone, calling themselves Horseradish , has now put it on YouTube. Dame Judi’s enthusiasm is infectious and it is an easy way to learn more about how trees work , ecologically, how they communicate and how they have contributed to our culture in the UK.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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