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    I live on an island and every trip to the beach I am disheartened at the amount of plastic we find. We try and do as much of a beach clean as we can but it just keeps washing up with every new tide. There are so many plastic free alternatives out there and are so readily available now. What swaps have you made?


    I’m going to kick this off with ditching clingfilm for beeswax wraps. So much more colourful, reusable and no plastic!!


    Hi Sj_girl! I’ve seen beeswax wraps in my local Trader Joe’s grocery store but didn’t really understand how they were supposed to be used. So they’re a replacement for cling film? Do they mold around a container? Then you can rinse them off (with soap and water?) and reuse them?


    That’s a great change, @Sj_girl. i had a roommate who used clingfilm for everything, even though there were lots of tupperware at home. It’s a stupid waste.

    I’ve been using cloth pads instead of the regular ones for a few years now and they are comfortable and work just as the regular ones. I also drink a lot of water when I’m outside or at work, so I have an steel water bottle so I don’t have to use plastic cups.


    I just ordered laundry sheets to replace plastic container washing machine detergent.  Those huge, thick plastic containers will no longer be in my home.

    Little by little I am finding alternatives to plastic.  Haven’t had water out of plastic in ages.

    I hope to fine more good ideas here.  ♥

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    I’ve stopped buying plastic bottles of shampoo, instead using bar shampoo, (no palm oil etc in it) and bar soap rather than bottles of shower gel. I try to buy loose veg/fruit when I shop and use a refillable water bottle, and reusable containers for food storage. More currently, I’ve been making face masks for family and friends rather than use disposable ones. Not much, I know but am always looking for more ways to stop using single use plastic or just ways to reduce the amount of stuff going to landfill.



    i’ve purchased toothbrushes with bamboo handles instead of plastic. washable, reusable cotton rounds instead of the packages at the drug store. have water filters and brita filter pitchers instead of bottled water. small steps!


    We got sick of so many plastic bottles  and even when there is the possibility of recycling in our Village we decided stop buying bottled water & zero sugar sodas, we got water filters that remove the chalk but not the rest of the minerals & a friend offer us their not used sodastream  machine, the decrease on plastic for recycling is huge.

    We have take on the challenge on reducing  Milk bricks/bottles & Yogourt pots, in France there are complete ales in the grocery shops for milk products, big temptation 😉

    I’m very happy that France have banned single used plastic bags, now when going shopping  i bring my own tote all the time.

    We need to fight now against modern society plastic addition, as a society we have the responsibility to


    I guess I’m lucky that tap water in London is so good. I’ve never bought bottled water.  I love beeswax wraps instead of cling film – they’re easy to make – but usually I just use crockery for left overs etc. Instead of all the tooth flossing bits of plastic and floss I bought a Waterpick – it’s so much better and more hygienic.  I’m lucky in that my sister makes and sells shampoo bars and other ‘body’ products – all animal and planet friendly and in plastic free packaging.   I’ve still loads to do though.  Inspired by Dean I do a litter picking walk once a week on my regular walk.


    Hi, yes they are just like clingfilm but you can reuse them and should last about a year. They wash in cold soapy water. I haven’t used clingfilm for two years now!


    I haven’t heard of a water pick. I’ll have to look that up. I use a plastic free dental string floss but the stick things to get between the teeth I haven’t been able to replace. Thanks for that info!
    So many good ideas here x


    In the United States there is a company named “Fillaree” they are a zero waste store that has 25 refill stations throughout the country. At the refill stations you can bring your own container or buy one provided by them.  The refills available are: hand and body wash, clean dream spray for cleaning and dish soap, soon they will have shampoo and conditioner as well.  If you don’t live near a refill station, they have a refill subscription program available at their website.  they ship products to you, when you’re done ship back to them in a prepaid container, they wash and sanitize containers, refill and ship back to you.


    Just joined and really glad to see the amount of saving we can do with simple things.

    I have seen the beeswax wraps in my local eco store so will start using those. The shop has canisters of washing liquid and other eco-friendly products and it is saving me a lot of paper/card/plastic recycling every week.


    Bottled water is the WORST.  In Chicagoland, all the public taps have been shut off (usually by being wrapped in plastic – f that) so it’s hard to find places to refill your water when you’re out and about.  We started freezing a gallon of water to leave in the car, and even in the summer heat if it’s in there for a few hours, we have ice cold water to refill with when we get back.  been using the same heavy duty gallon jug for 5 months! We put a smaller one in my son’s golf bag for a refill halfway through his round, and if I go on a long walk I take one with me for bottle #2.  Other than that, our usual changes to combat plastic are shampoo and conditioner bars, Dropps laundry pods (they come in a cardboard box with no other packaging), Dry dishwasher soap, bar dish soap, I get my diet coke from fountain refills when i’m out and about instead of buying bottles or cans, never buy precut produce in the plastic boxes,  .  We also compost and use bamboo toothbrushes, and i’m pretty shameless about getting all over my kids about not being lazy and getting single use plastic when they leave the house!  this is a long fight, but it’s worth the persistence!

    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    So glad to see you all suggesting and recommending  eco-alternatives to everyday items

    I was given a bamboo cutlery set from my friend Coren who started SeaForYourSelfco The cutlery and straw come in a pouch which is great for traveling because it keeps it clean.

    If you would like a set use this link and code NALA20 for 20% off

    20p from every sale goes to a different environmental charity every 3 months which is amazing

    Here’s some glamorous model shots

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