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    Thats my new cat Sweetie


    Our lovely Bourbon, he’s a loving character that sadly does love to hunt.  He never strays to far from the food bowl, he can always be found lurking around in our garden or the field, either that or sunbathing near the house 🙂

    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    Nala would love some sunshine right about now!

    AvatarHeather Mae

    ☀️You said it, Dean!☀️  I think that we all could use some of that sunny stuff right about now.  Trying to stay positive, here.  Big hopes for a big and bright patch of sunshine for Nala to sleep in.  Same goes for you, too, Dean.  Be well. 💚

    AvatarHeather Mae

    Hi Dean & Nala,

    Thank you for your beauty and strength in, “moving mountains.”  Your inspirational spirit has a powerfully infinite and invaluable vibe.  We are happy and grateful when we, “help the helpers.”  Surely, we will all be together when it is time to,  “come home.”

    ❤️ Sincere love and many blessings to you with every mile of your journey,

    Heather Mae, Pampers, Minnie, & FairBear 🐾

    P.S.  You make God smile, everyday. 🕊


    AvatarHeather Mae

    🕊🌺 Hi Dean & Nala🐾☀️,

    You are in our thoughts and, with much joy, in our hearts.🌸

    I have a big brother and our birthdays are: May 16th (me) and May 17th (John – Big Bro), yet he is 3 years and 364 days older.  For his 4th birthday, he got a little sister – Yuck!! Right? 😊❤️ (Please give Holly a big hug from us!🌷)

    If I could have a birthday wish, it would be for you to listen to Andreas Vollenweider’s, “At The Forest Fountain,” #12 on his cd entitled, “Cosmopoly.”  Or listen maybe on YouTube or Spotify?  This particular piece of music has always, anciently, properly asked quite seriously for a certain kind of respect, honor, and reverence.  It is wordless, and as I believe possesses an ancient cultural strength.  I would love for you to experience this and enjoy it as much as I do.  I understand that you are strongly of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scottish heritage, yet I also wanted to include (from an old Irish blessing) Andreas  Vollenweider’s song (from his album, “Kryptos,”) titled, “May Green Be The Grass…”

    🌸 ~ may green be the grass you walk on, may blue be the sky above you, may pure be the joy that surrounds you, may true be the heart that love you…🕊

    I think that I should have sent this to you for YOUR birthday!  Anyway, it’s for anybody, anywhere, for all time.  Yes, he is on Instagram as well : @andreasvollenweider&friends.  At the age of 14, I had decided to get a tattoo of the cover of his album, “Dancing With The Lion.”  This became a reality at age 22.  It is centered high on my sternum, my chest below my throat.  It has always been a confidence and a comfort to me, and I love it more and more each day for its meaning.✨🌍💚

    Thank you for your dedicated commitment to spreading the utmost importance of our Shared and Sacred home, Earth.  Every innocent life matters oh so much and it’s the only one We have.  Let us all do our part to live responsibility and respectfully toward our gift, Earth. ❤️🕊🕯💫🐾🌱🌍🌏🌎🌿🐾✨🕯🕊❤️

    Be safe and healthy on your many adventurous travels.  You’re a blessed inspiration.  Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  There is only the one, Dean, and the one Nala.  Remember that you are much loved, yourselves!  When the sunshine touches your faces, It is smiling with you.☀️🕊❤️🐾 🚲💨🏕💤 🕊☀️

    Sincerely grateful and if you don’t mind me saying, how proud you make us always,

    💚 Heather Mae

















    Oh I love Andreas as well

    AvatarHeather Mae

    Dear Ised,

    So glad to know a fellow Andreas fan!!   I believe that they call themselves, “Andreas Vollenweider & Friends,” for this reason, also!😊  Have you had a chance to listen to all of their works?  So peaceful and Heavenly.🕊

    Hope that you are enjoying your Springtime.🌸🐝🌱🌳☀️


    💚Heather Mae



    Say hello to KingKong


    Say hello to Sky


    AvatarMel. Lie

    This wonderful princess found and joined us last September. One day it was a loud cat screaming on the street. Next day 4 little cats appeared in the neighborhood. This little lady was always apart from their brother and sisters while we were looking for homes for all of them. She always sat at our house, waited and didn’t want to leave. It was for sure “Flecki” just chose us. We don’t know what happened to them before, because she’s always very anxious. But there you can see how much she built up trust last 6 month that she completely fell asleep like this 😂😂 (and snorring). Greetings from GermanyFlecki 1


    Lil' Max, Tiger, Smokey

    Here are 3 of our 4 pets, 1 cat (Bandit) isn’t present.  Tiger and Nala have extremely similar coloring.

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