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    It had become regular to check in with Dean and Nala. Now, I don’t know what is happening to them. I am hoping it is just being busy.  Without realizing it, you have made a place in my heart. You are not obliged to us, and I don’t know if you check these posts, but I, for one, am worried.


    A BIG HELLO AGAIN FROM VERMONT, USA to DEAN AND SWEET LIL NALA ! It’s been a while since the last you-tube video and I’ve been wondering if all is well and safe in this big world of ours. Please put us all at ease with just a small response or video of where and what you two are up to for September 2021.? Please Be Safe !

    Love from “Vermont Cats” your followers. Our Pride 🐱Peaches🐱Stretch🐱Maxxie🐱Chloe🐱Souri’

    Avatarjeanne h.mathieu

    Hello from Belgium,

    indeed I have sucked up all the Youtube videos and groen fond of Nala and Dean. What an adventure.

    Also I miss more info but can imagine it is à question of privacy. It is not easy to deal with popularity. I am not a social media participant and therefor do not know of there whereabouts.

    Just hope they are safe and sound and will be able to get around again. I wish them health, hapiness and all the luck they will need.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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