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    Awesome well- told story with an easy flow that makes it hard to put down. I plan to read it more than once! I envy the folks who haven’t received their copies yet, they don’t know what a treat they have in store for them!! Maybe after everybody has had a chance to read it, we can tell each other our favorite parts!


    P.S  Hi Pepperstreet!! Good to see a familiar name in the forum! I enjoy your posts on D and N’s and Donna65’s Instagram pages!


    Have just finished reading your very moving book.  Didnt want to finish,as it was so lovely,so you will need to  write another of course . keep going love to you both.


    I had preordered my copy but I just had the time to read it this weekend.  I literally cried when it was over as it was such a beautiful story with all the ups and downs of Dean and Nala’s adventures.  I am so grateful for my partner sending me the original Dodo video that led me to you.  Following you and Nala has given me so much joy and following Kelly’s comics, first on Instagram and now here, always make me smile and laugh.  Thank you all for being a bright spot in my days!


    I’ve read mine, had tears in the right spots and great big happy smiles! Passed it on to my sister…. she’ll pass it on, too.It was wonderful! Almost want to get one just to re-visit in the future, thanks dean. Book #2 soon?


    I´m from Germany, but because I couldn´t wait, I bought “Nala´s World” in english and read it in one go. My mum, who doesn´t speak english was sad about it, so I´ve now bought a german version. My mum loves it as much as I do! A lot of love, take care and have a lot of fun together!! A life without a cat is possible, but pointless!!💕


    Nala’s World is such an amazing read.  I had pre-ordered it and waited in anticipation for it to arrive.  Could barely put the book down and read it cover to cover within 24 hours.  I do re-read different parts of it at bedtime since then because it puts me in  a “happy place.”  What makes the book extra enjoyable is while reading it, it feels like Dean is sitting there telling me the story to date.  Looking forward to additional books in the future from Dean and Nala.  Well done!!!!!


    I have the book and will be giving it for Christmas to the one who gave me mine for my birthday !

    This post is mainly a suggestion.

    Garden centres !

    Oh yes !  Big places for gift buying, especially in the run up to Christmas. I looked for Nala in a couple of garden centres but found none.

    I don;t know how things work for garden centres getting their stock and what they take, but I would have thought the Nala book is exactly the sort of thing that would sell. So, a suggestion to get them out to garden centres pronto ! I realise its easier to just get it off Amazon or similar but that’s not the point. I’m thinking of potential buyers who don’t know about it to make an online order – the impulse buyer who, upon seeing it, go “oh yes, lovely that would be great for …xxxxx. ” or themselves.


    I received both copies. I preordered a copy way back in February. But then I saw the UK copy with the extra pictures so I ordered that one and gave my first copy to my sister-in-law as a birthday gift. She really enjoyed the book! I’ve enjoyed following you and Nala on Instagram and YouTube because it’s just so nice to have something fun to look forward to.


    Oh gosh, I was at the hairdresser and finally to start read the book at last (I’ve got it 2 months ago).  I’m was exciting read along (up to the third chapter) and unfortunately a lady was telling me it time to get my hair washed.  Bah! So……will continue this weekend! Can’t wait….will be back.


    Thank you for sharing your journey! What an adventure as I rode with you and Nala (in reading the story) and experienced some of the crazy, nail biting moments, but also the peace of Nala and the amazing gift when an animal wants to communicate and become part of a human’s life. Very touching story. Nala is a special soul and you as well in recognizing it and cherishing her! Wishing both of you many happy years together! I had 26 years with my Vesper. I wish you the same with Nala!


    Hello, I haven’t read the book yet.  I’m awful busy Scottish lass.  Things go crazy here.  I hope Dean and Nala are keeping well at the moment.  I’m sure everyone on the same boat in this crazy lockdown.  Dean and Nala I haven’t see you on you tube lately.. hope you both ok.  Take care both of you. 🙂


    As I cat mom of, well, let’s just say I can’t turn away a stray either but I live on five acres so it’s a bit easier, I love this story! It is hard to put down but I do because I don’t want it to end (not that I couldn’t just restart it over because I certainly could 🙂 ) It is so nice to read more in detail about your adventures, how you got started, the people you meet along the way, Nala’s adventures and mishaps as only a cat can have. After reading a couple chapters, I will go back to your IG account back to that section and it makes it like a picture book. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us across the world. Safe travels and happy adventures!


    I bought my copy of the book in January and I read it first for the story and now I am reading it again. There are many themes in the book for example the use of social media. What does it feel like to be suddenly the object of attention when something you put on social media goes viral. Also learning to look after a cat is very different from looking after a dog…it’s much more parental and you have to “tune in”. Also the idea of someone consciously changing their behaviour bit by bit as the relationship between them develops. I think it is a very engaging story and one that is set to continue! I am sure there will be more books fom Dean and Nala and I hope the children’s book idea gets off the ground too.


    My cat Sweetie and I approve of this book. Best cat book I have ever read.

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