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    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    Travelling with pets?!

    To kick things off I thought I’d first talk about travelling with pets as this is a big one I get asked about through social media

    The thought of taking your pet with you when you go on holiday, travelling or even moving to a different country can be so exciting! But then the thought comes down to the logistics, how do I actually take my pet across borders on ferrys and planes?

    When I’m on the road I use a site called Pet travel if you are travelling with your pet of any kind then I’d 100% recommend this website! It has information on everything from pet passports to airline advice! I often use Pet travel to find pet friendly hotels and information to help me through borders.

    While I have been travelling with Nala I have found many people through social media who have been travelling with their pets. As this lockdown is soon to ease the world will open back up and once again be my oyster, I would love to hear from those of you who have travelled through extreme weathers, hot and cold, travelled in vans/campers and those who have also tried to cycle with their cat! How did your cat adapt to their new lifestyle, how did the climate effect your journey? What recommendations or tips can you share?


    Hey @1bike1world, do you know Rich @vancatmeow who has traveled Australia by van with his cat, Willow, for the past few years?


    Hey everyone,

    my name is Lena and we’re getting a new kitty on Wednesday – it’s only going to be 6 weeks old and we have to still nurse it, so I’m hoping the bond is going to be even stronger.

    I was wondering what is the best way to get our kitty used to a lead and how to ensure she stays with us during travels with our caravan. I’m hoping to create a bond as strong as the one between Dean and Nala.

    I’d love to hear some advice from you guys <3


    Thanks for the link to the website! Looks really useful for information.

    Here is my sweet baby Suji who I fostered while I lived in China and fell in love with. He’s an adventurous boy and loves going outside, on walks, to the park…. He’s since crossed three continents and is now living with me in Brazil. I was planning to buy a van this year to travel together in, but yeah… Covid happened. So now we are waiting out the storm, which is a hot mess here, and I’m hoping to resume (restart!) our journey whenever is safe and whenever we can.

    Your page is very inspiring and I’m grateful to have these forums to connect with others who like to travel with their cat babies!


    What a great world with our pets

    laura.van baarlaura.van baar

    Hi there!!

    Meet Nero and tiny kitten Mhambi.

    My traveling with cats journey started about a year ago when I got Nero. There were two instagram pages that sucked me into it @1bike1world and @sukiicat. I couldn’t get enough of seeing the bond between Dean and Nala and bengal Suki had some of the most beautiful pictures I had ever seen

    So I would tuck nero into my coat and go to the store. I would take him to the park around the corner. I would take him with me on the train when visiting my parents and I would take him with me on my bike to campus for him to meet my friends.

    I was planning a backpacking trip to scotland for my summer break. My mother would take care of the cats and I would take off for a month. Until someone planted the seed in my head of taking Nero and from there on out there was no turning back….

    I changed the destination to ireland, because nero couldn’t fly in the cabin with me, if I had gone to scotland (UK being strict assholes about it xD). About 5 days before we went nero got a hugeee infection on his paw from a tiny puncture wound. I had no idea how he got it, but I knew we wouldn’t be able to leave on time. So I changed my flight and 8 days later Nero was on his last antibiotics and we took off in the middle of the night to catch our plane. I did leave my other cat Kleintje with my mom because I never got him to enjoy exploring the way Nero does.

    btw at this point he was only 4 months old. I had no idea how he was going to react, but he amazed me with everything we did. I would always leave the tent open so he could get in and out. after the first day I realised I didn’t need to keep him on the leash all the time. he knew he had to stay close by.





    after our amazing trip unfortunately we had to get back to our normal life. We still go out in our city or in the forest, but it’s a bit tame until we are able to take our next trip again. maybe up in the mountains in Switzerland?

    we still had quite some things happen in the last year though…

    we took in this stray Casper for two months. I tried to find the owner, but that didn’t work.I think they deliberately threw him out, because he was deaf and had a big hernia on his belly… I would have loved to keep him. He took to the adventure life so well, wasn’t scared of anything and was an awesome buddy for Nero outside. But I couldn’t keep him, because 3 cats would have been to many so he came to live with my aunt.

    I fostered a dog. She was lovely but terrified of everything. Nero taught her not to be scared, which was really fun to see. I will probably forster some more dogs in the future, because I want to help every animal I can and Nero loved going on our daily walks together.

    then about 5 months ago my beloved cat kleintje past away. He was my snuggle buddy and Nero’s best friend. He was my first pet and was with me through a lot of change, such as living on my own and moving to a different city. So life without him still really feels weird.

    I noticed that Nero really missed having a buddy,so I knew I had to get another cat after a while. Mhambi came into our lives and even though he can never replace Kleintje he is the best addition to the family that I could wish for. His name means wanderer and it suits him perfectly. He is so brave and adventurous. Nero and Mhambi are great friends and their bond is growing stronger every day. He will join all our adventures from now on.

    On instagram a whole world of adventure cats opened up to us and there are some great collective pages where you can meet them all and pick out your favourites, such as @adventurecatsorg @takeyourcatoutside They also have some great tips on training your cat and a lot of other fun things you can drown yourself in.

    Our page is @Nero.Mhambi_adventurecats. If you ever have any questions, need help or just want to say hi don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Great post, Laura! What harness are you using for your kitties? I’m soon to be getting a kitten and want to start getting it comfortable with a harness. Also, how’d you rig up the crate on your bike as a basket for them?

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