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    Is it someone who wishes them no harm? Who cares about their well-being ? Is it someone who is appreciative that they share their daily lives and adventures with us, but does not expect them to entertain us at all costs? Yes, I say! Would they wish Dean to do anything that could jeopardize Nala’s security or leave her alone without him to love and care for her?  Would they want Dean to do anything, unnecessarily, that could hurt him? NO, I say!  I was shocked and saddened and disgusted that MORE THAN HALF of the “fans” Dean polled in his Instagram stories as to whether he should continue to take dips into frigid water in freezing air temperatures said yes. WHY!!!??? Most of them would certainly not dare to do it. If they really care about him why would they WANT him to take a risk? It is his life and his decision to make ,whatever  he wants to do he will do, no matter what anybody else thinks. And as a fan, I will support whatever he chooses to do  and pray for a good outcome; I’m just stunned that so many of his so called followers would be so callous about his welfare, and Nala’s. A good analogy is the man standing on a window ledge 10 floors up and the crowd below is shouting “JUMP!” That’s not what I’d call a fan. No matter what Dean decides to do, today I am heartbroken and disillusioned with his ‘supporters’. I love those two and am totally invested in them! Apparently the majority are not. And I find that troublesome.


    I say, it’s his life and if you choose to follow someone, it is because you love what they do, so for sure, people should mind there own busniess, and if they choose to continue to follow Dean and Nala, that is because they can relate to them. I love socials medias for channel like that, that can allow me to follow wonderful journeys of people all around the world, but I hate socials medias for judgmental people who can’t mind there own business. By the way sorry if my english is not on point, im french canadian.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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