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    Dean NicholsonDean Nicholson

    World news is a place where you can come and talk about whats going on in the world, while offering and seeking advice or just looking someone to talk to about things !

    2020 has been one crazy year! One where more than ever we need support from each other. The 1bike1world followers have been incredible over the past few months on social media and I wanted to make sure everyone has access to this amazing community!


    I think that it will be interesting to see how the world comes out after all this.  I know that the COVID-19 thing is not over for everyone.  As you have traveled in the area so much before it. I am interested to see what you find has changed. If anything.  Something small to something big.  Eventually you will get back around to your stomping grounds and will see changes, whether from what has happened or just from natural growth and time.


    recently relocated for the summer to a bayside location. two small towns are 15 minutes away compared to living in the 4th largest US city. not so many masks. pools opened up with limited capacity and guidelines and they are not as busy as normal. a group in this private community are wanting things to go back to normal for the sake of fun. keeping my distance, wearing a mask and washing hands. my new mantra.


    Here in the U.S. I am apprehensive about the 2nd wave of cases that are sure to hit us as people seem weary of keeping distance and wearing masks. Annoyingly, it has also become a political issue. Mask wearing is determined by party. Trouble is , the virus doesn’t  discriminate. Any host will do!



    Dean, I believe someone has created a fake Instagram account , they named it 1bike1world51 and messaging people.
    please look into this as I think they may reach out and ask people for money.


    theres one called 1bike1world50 as well


    The US is a dumpster fire. My husband and I just took a camping trip to get away from it all. No TV or social media (except posting our camping photos only). I highly recommend it. I am so less stressed! Sadly I have to physically go back to work this week.


    If Dean can wish he had handled his violent intruder with more understanding, then we in the US can try to see our fellow citizens as family and take all politics out of Covid-19.  This is an infection that we all hope ourselves and our family can avoid until there is a vaccine. Just follow the guidelines and find new ways to live a full life. Masking and distancing does not mean you have given up on your old life but that you are able to overcome adversity and make a better, different life. Realize that we all may have different reactions to it but we need to pull together to protect ourselves and each other. No, now is not the time to have large indoor parties, or group activities. That is very sad but this could improve within a year.  Get out of the house safely. See your family but in smaller groups, outside and without group hugs or singing around a cake.  Compared to other disasters that over history have left people homeless, starving, being killed for their religion and hiding for their lives , this doesn’t compare. We have the beauty of nature, the love of family, home and food: and at 1bike1world we have Dean, Nala and Vinnie. Some days those 3 get me to my job with a smile on my face.


    I know this is a World News section, but I truly hope we can keep politics out of it.   The world’s a mess  right now and it’s much too touchy a subject to interject into such a happy place as 1bike1world.  The Covid virus is bad enough without adding more fuel to an already hot fire, and Dean and Nala’s blog (Vinnie too)  is such a happy place and a mostly joyous place to visit .  I say mostly because Dean’s would be knife-toting robber-to-be was a really scary moment.  Here in North Alabama, my county is ranking pretty high in Covid cases so extra caution is needed and taken.  I personally know of only one person who had it, but several of our business owners have just come down with it and one is serious.  Masks are the norm it seems.  Makes my nose itch and fogs my glasses when I wear them, but better safe than sorry.  Also going through lots of hand lotion with all the hand washings!!  It’s just me and my husband and 31 cats, 3 dogs and 25 chickens on 31 acres, so we’re personally doing really well.  We’re retired and life for us hasn’t significantly changed much, except I’m doing a lot more cooking than eating out!  lol          Love and blessings to Dean and  crew and all of you followers.


    Anyone have advice for an American who wants to become an ex pat? With the state of the world I’m just wanting to go somewhere peaceful and not divisive


    What’s going on in Dean and Nala’s world?? Inquiring invested minds want to know! Now that van life is over, is he back to cycling or holed up in a hotel allowing his ankle more down time? If he is back on the bike, does he find it painful to pedal? Did he ever replace his leaky broken tent? Did he camp Mon. night? Wish he was a little more forthcoming after big changes etc. The waiting is the hardest part as Tom Petty would say.


    In the looming constitutional crisis, whatever gets decided in court may not be heeded by enough people and there is likely to be trouble. Enemies within will exploit it.

    It is possible that Continuity of Government systems may go into effect, if order breaks down.

    Deep below the surface, vast bunkers connected by tunnels with maglev trains may take on the function of restoring order.

    I can reveal that the councils of the wise that sit beneath us are made up of entirely of cats, who sit at round tables, deciding stuff and issuing orders to National Guard units above.

    Trust in the secret C.O.G. cats that wait below.

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