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    Hi!  I’m Sandra (mamacat) from Guntersville, Alabama USA!  Live with hubby Bill, 31 very spoiled cats, 3 dogs and 25 chickens.  Been a Dean and Nala fan from the beginning of the trip.


    Hello from Perth in Western Australia! We are a three kitty household. Willow our greybie is 14 years young and loves to chat – especially when you’re on the phone talking to someone and she thinks that someone is HER, so she answers, very loudly as you talk! Cleo our black part Oriental is 8 years old and came to us a teen Mum we fostered, and after all her kittens were adopted through the shelter, we adopted her. She has a very “Siamese” voice – loud and scratchy, she loves me to distraction and tries to keep everyone else away from me, which is nice, but causes a few fisticuffs with the other kitties. Belle our tabby, is four and she too came to us as a pregnant foster, however she lost her kittens prematurely and we adopted her because clearly that’s what we do when we foster cats! (Lol, jokes aside, we fostered 20 cats in our first year & only adopted one). Belle loves to play and particularly loves to ambush the others, who, sadly, don’t have a sense of humour quite like hers, so they don’t react well, however, she’s no quitter! There is never a dull moment in our house. I love Dean and Nala, follow them on all the socials. I bought two copies of the book and have just posted a review on Booktopia as Cats&BooksAllDay, I hope Dean likes it and I hope it helps with sales. I look forward to seeing more of their adventures as this pandemic ends, and I cannot wait for another book from him! Have a great day. Cheers from Perth


    I think this may be the introductions bit, yes ?

    Like the servant of Nala, I am also from Scotchland.

    I am a cat.

    I AM !

    I eat mice and I sleep in a basket.





    Coming to you from way to hot, Austin, Texas. Have wondered if once all the chaos of

    the pandemic is over, if it will truly be safe for Dean and Nala’s bike travels. I live in a city

    who’s roads I once traveled by bicycle on, and it was very lovely. However, even though

    there are bike lanes everywhere, you wouldn’t catch me on a bike here with all the

    insane drivers.  I have always noticed how automobile free the roads are where they

    go.  I can only wonder what it will be like once humanity takes to the roads again. I shudder

    to think!


    Season’s Greeting Everyone! Grateful thanks for Nala and Dean! You’re forever in our hearts here in Austin, Texas. Our 10+ year young fur babies, Beauty (black long hair maine coon) and Kitten (orange female tabby) meow cheer Nala and Dean on with every adventure. Dean, honestly you don’t know the miracles you have given my family as you share your world. Please keep safe, sending our very best for you and your loved ones. The Qtyq’s



    Hi, I’m Leslye from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I am addicted to Kelly’s stories of Nala, Vinny and Dean. I have Dean’s book and am pretty in love with him too – what a heart in this guy! Glad to find this forum, and now I’ll get back to the comic – I began with #1 and am now on #370-something.

    But I have to share this: as I was watching Dean’s video of making Nala’s Castle (isn’t that castle amazing?!} I kept looking for  Vinny!! You too?


    Hello from Marlton NJ, I love both Nala, Dean and Vinny!  Kelly is the best with her comics!


    Hi from Nele in Ghent, Belgium. I love Dean and Nala’s adventures and of course, Kelly’s comics!


    Hi,my name is Jutta from Germany and my cats are Feli and Pauli ( 10 and 6 ).I follow Dean&Nala since 2 years. I read the book in one day.I could not stop reading.Sometimes I write Dean,but with his thousands of followers, he is not interested to answer.Stay safe Dean&Nala.Feli



    AvatarHelen Erwood

    Happy New Year from the beautiful Shetland Islands!
    Greetings from our 4 cats:  Fred and Frankie (girl cats) and Bruno and Billy (Tom cats) and our 4 pet sheep (all ladies and biological grass mowers!) – Gladys, Mavis, Sam and Ella xxxx xxxx
    We are 210 miles west of Bergen in Norway, in the North Sea –  but still a part of the UK 🙂
    Warmest wishes to Dean and Nala.  It has been such a pleasure following your story.  It has lifted our spirits.
    Best wishes from Helen & Tony, Lunna House, Lunna, Shetland.


    Hi, I  live in Victoria BC and adopted a cocker spaniel from Mexico. Love following Dean’s and Nala’s adventures.


    Greetings from Spokane Washington.


    Hello Nala and Dean’s  friends , I’m from The Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

    I check in on them daily to see what adventures they are having , and also Kelly’s comic which make me smile .

    AvatarJessica Smith

    I am in Nottingham, UK . Hello!

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