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    Willy ReversWilly Revers

    Hallo , Ik ben Willy en woon in Apeldoorn Nederland .

    Ik ben sinds deze week begonnen aan jou geweldige boek, jou avonturen met Nala.

    Ik zou het bijna in een adem uit willen lezen, zo spannend zo’n immens groot geweldig avontuur een reis door de wereld.

    Ik woon alleen met mijn kater Chivas een Ragdoll en een knapperd!!

    Ik blijf je volgen, en wens je heel veel veilige ritten met Nala. 

    Samen met Chivas toen 13 weken jong  nu 5 jaar




    Greetings East Coast USA (Rhode Island, orig. NY)!

    I SERIOUSLY need a Dean & Nala FIX.  Can’t wait to see where the world takes you this time.  Tell everyone in the UK to get on board so we can all come out of hiding from this horrible disease.

    The world is waiting for more NALA CUTENESS <3


    Hey Dean and Nala fans! I’m Lili and live with my 18-year old Starlette 35kms Southwest of Paris, France. Originally I’m from Oregon. Rock on Nala and Dean.


    I greet you well, everyone,

    I´m a YT follower from Germany and I wonder: Where in the world are Dean and Nala? I am waiting for

    a new Video since Weeks now to hear, that everything is OK.


    hi Dean&Nala from India!

    as many of other followers of yours, we are worried about you two guys.

    please just drop a note, if and when you have the chance.

    Bless for both and stay safe!

    my cat


    Hello Simone,

    Yes, I too am a bit concerned as to how Dean and Nala are doing. Since his

    computer is not working, really as it should, I am hoping he is simply

    unable to use just any computer to access his instagram to post. However,

    I am also hoping he is doing okay with all of the “doing much of nothing” that has

    stopped his journey for so long. I wonder about if he has been vaccinated for the darn virus yet,

    since nothing has been mentioned. In my experience all of concerns, be it financial,

    or a place to stay, the computer glitch, etc, can wear even the most sane person down.

    I truly hope we hear something soon.  I know we are all in our spirits of love and appreciation hoping life will

    be kind to Dean as he is kind, and was kind to Ms. Nala kitty and it seems we simply don’t know how life

    is unfolding .


    I am more than concerned, but we just have to wait and see what develops.  Don’t know whats happening, but I hope Dean knows he has a lot of people worrying and concerned……I took Dean and Nala’s life into my heart and now…….just too worried.  If there is anything I can help with at all please let me know Dean.


    Hi I am Julie from Christchurch, New Zealand. I love following Dean and Nala’s adventures. We are down to 1 cat now he is a mankoon not a travelling cat. Take care in this crazy world Dean and Nala.


    Hi all,

    I’m Lorna from Auckland, New Zealand. I am an absolute older pensioner cat lover and have been following along Dean and Nala since first discovering them. I bought ‘Nala’s World’ and then promptly packed it away because I was moving. I came across it the other day and within a couple of days, had an emergency trip to hospital (just 3 days’ visit). I didn’t think I would be there long so grabbed just one book to read – you guessed it!  Anyway, I don’t think I have ever read and absorbed a book so much. It was such a pleasure to read and I finished reading it last night before being discharged today.   Also I have just put my order in for the 2022 calendar.  I am not going to miss out this coming year!

    Really hoping to hear some good news soon about Dean & Nala.  They so deserve the very best in life.


    Hello everyone …..I am Louis from the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, USA.  I have followed Dean and Nala from day one. We have five rescue kitties in our Pride, of which one looks just like Nala ! So speaking of our famous Duo, does anyone know their where abouts ? No new post’s lately ? Starting to worry if all is well ! Anyone please respond to this post if you know anything ! Thanks Greatly!!



    i m following Dean and Nala from Austria 🙂  i really enjoy their vids pics from their daily adventures.

    jeanne h.mathieujeanne h.mathieu


    I am Jeanne and live in Belgium. A good deal of time and money is invested in dealing with stray cats on a personal base. About 20 of them live around my countryside home and I have taken care of 34 cats in the last 3 years. Spaded etc.

    I stumbled upon Nala and Dean by accident and was immediatly captivated by the genuine character of Dean and this exceptional creature Nala. Fascinating.




    Hello from a two-cat house in Evansville, Indiana!


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello from North Yorkshire in England. I love cats, especially rescue cats, my feline companion being Tabitha</p>


    from Bombay, IndiaTigre

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