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    We live on the coast of Washington state. We love Dean and Nala and their adventures. About 10 years ago, my husband, who is a forester, was eating lunch while working in the timber. As he was about to leave, he heard a tiny Meeow far away but getting closer. He finally saw the tiny orange kitten running towards him…scruffy, hungry and his tail was hurt. The only thing left in my husband’s lunch were Cheetos, so he fed them to the kitten and his name was born….Cheeto! They have been inseparable ever since…Cheeto will not let my husband out of his sight.



    Hello!  We are from Erin, Ontario just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We follow Dean and Nala daily, have read Nala’s Story and proudly wear our Nala shirts.  Dean and Nala being us so much daily joy.   We also subscribed to Kelly’s daily comic and wish Kelly would publish an annual comic book.    We always get a Nala calendar too!   Total Dean and Nala groupies!!



    Hey Dean,

    We live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada! Look forward to seeing you cycle through here one day!


    Hey Ya’ll!

    We live just outside of Huntsville, Alabama near a teeny tiny town called New Market. I love all things cats and travel and someone posted the story of how Dean met Nala on Facebook and I was hooked.  I joined 1bike1world on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, watch the Youtude videos, and just recently purchased the book Nala’s World. I currently have 4 inside cats, Bunny, Gabby, Finny, and Toby, and feed several feral cats. Would love to see Dean and Nala cycle our way to the Space and Rocket Center! Be safe everybody!!


    Hello from Seattle, WA where strong coffee and the BBC  start my day. The story of Dean and Nala come through one morning and I’ve been entranced ever since. Very glad to find this web site and join up. Happy trails!

Viewing 5 posts - 211 through 215 (of 215 total)
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