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    Hello Simone,

    Yes, I too am a bit concerned as to how Dean and Nala are doing. Since his

    computer is not working, really as it should, I am hoping he is simply

    unable to use just any computer to access his instagram to post. However,

    I am also hoping he is doing okay with all of the “doing much of nothing” that has

    stopped his journey for so long. I wonder about if he has been vaccinated for the darn virus yet,

    since nothing has been mentioned. In my experience all of concerns, be it financial,

    or a place to stay, the computer glitch, etc, can wear even the most sane person down.

    I truly hope we hear something soon.  I know we are all in our spirits of love and appreciation hoping life will

    be kind to Dean as he is kind, and was kind to Ms. Nala kitty and it seems we simply don’t know how life

    is unfolding .

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    I have watched the video ad for his first Nala calendar many times and smile all the way through it.

    I know it isn’t in great focus at first, but it’s just precious done to the song calendar girl.  Youtube

    calendar girl 2020. is how I find it.

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    I have been reading through some of these posts and noticed Intis’s post from Oct. 13.

    I hope your order arrived. I received mine with no problems. Hope you are enjoying

    the site.  You might want to post something just so those of us who feel close to

    this experience are left understanding why you might be so doubtful of the integrity of

    This journey with Dean and Nala.

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    Here’s a little piece of my history with cats. I traveled to Colorado with a friend way back in 1997.  When we arrived at the home of the couple we were visiting I took my luggage upstairs and set it down. I was instantly greeted by a sweet little girl kitty sporting  a cast on one leg.  I was completely smitten with her gentle presence which took to me as well. The kitty was a guest and in need of a new home. I had no idea of her story “horrific” story. She had been being tortured by a 9 year old, obviously unhappy boy. I  Went to bed that night with her sleeping/hiding  in the room somewhere. In the middle of the night I heard a voice “literally” in the center of my chest. It said “I want to go home with you”. I looked around the man next to me was asleep so wasn’t aware of the spirit voice speaking into my heart.  I asked the voice who it was. Obviously, it fibbed and said “I am the cat”. Why are you wanting to go home with me I inquired,    “Because your heart and mine are one” it said.  I called her Fancy and although she had just undergone $1000 surgery to attach her paw and mend her broken leg & broken spirit, her family said yes, when I asked to take her with me. She died at 18 yrs. old.I still miss her.

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    Coming to you from way to hot, Austin, Texas. Have wondered if once all the chaos of

    the pandemic is over, if it will truly be safe for Dean and Nala’s bike travels. I live in a city

    who’s roads I once traveled by bicycle on, and it was very lovely. However, even though

    there are bike lanes everywhere, you wouldn’t catch me on a bike here with all the

    insane drivers.  I have always noticed how automobile free the roads are where they

    go.  I can only wonder what it will be like once humanity takes to the roads again. I shudder

    to think!

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    The 2021 Calendars seem to have being shipped out at staggering times. I know they are

    sold out. I was lucky enough to get one at the last minute. There’s an absolutely adorable

    short 1 minute video for the 2020 calendar on youtube. It plays to the song

    Calendar girl and features non other than Ms. poster girl herself. It’s really, honestly the

    cutest thing ever.

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