Where are Dean and Nala Now?

We often get asked where are we? What country are we in? Where in the world are you?
So we created the Dean and Nala Tracker! Use the interactive map below to see where me and Nala are currently cycling.

Location Tracker

Tracker is within a 5 mile radius of our Location

Meeting us on the road!

If you happen to see us on our travels we love meeting you guys so come say hello! If you have our book, Nala’s World or a Charity Calendar bring a pen and we will sign your copy!

Nala loves the attention, just make sure you let her sniff you first so she gets to know you before going in for a stroke.  Nala loves the treats I have for her, so I ask if you do have any please donate them to your local shelter.


Dean and Nala x


We have met so many amazing people on our journey it was time we dedicated a special place on our website to them!

Click on each photo to see who we met and where we were on our journey