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Nala's World

Nala's World

The response to Nala and me on Instagram has been incredible and the reaction from followers each day continues to blow me away.  I’m thrilled to be able to tell our story in full in our book Nala’s World and explain how this little cat has completely changed my life.  When I found my self going solo in this epic bike journey I had undertaken, I was unsure where to head next. Since I hooked up with Nala, she has given me a purpose and companionship . I’m also learning a lot of important lessons, not just about our planet and the people who live on it, but also about myself.


Nala’s so photogenic we had way too many photos to choose from when it came to the book.  So to fit in as many pictures as possible there’s going to be a limited first print run with these special ‘end papers’. (That’s what they tell me they’re called anyway!) Available when you preorder through UK, Sweden and Finland retailers. More countries to be announced!

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