Black Peeping Nala Unisex T-shirt


Take little Nala wherever you go with the cutest T-shirt we have ever seen!

“The one Dean wears”  you will most likely find me wearing a black t-shirt when its not my checked shirt!

  • ~ 100% organic cotton
  • ~ Unisex fit
  • ~ Durable heat seal print
  • ~ Sustainably made in Sri Lanka

Size guide measurements are across front chest from side seam to side seam and vertical from shoulder to hem seam.

100% recyclable packaging with biodegradable clear wrap

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Bamboo cutlery set with Straw


When I’m on the road and cooking from the camping stove, I use my SeaForYourselfco bamboo cutlery set.

SeaForYourselfco cutlery is completely biodegradable, at the end of their life compost or recycle and be sure that your cutlery won’t be floating around our oceans for decades to come!

~ Sustainable
~ Biodegradable
~ Recyclable
~ Compostable

Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows quickly in China and other parts of Asia making it a perfect plastic alternative.

20p from every set is donated to eco charities who combat plastic pollution

Click ‘buy product’ to be taken to the Seaforyourselfco page. Order any product and save 10% off your order through us. Cutlery pouches come in a range of designs. Bamboo toothbrushes also available.

Code: Nala10

Nala’s World

I’m thrilled to be able to tell our story in full in a book and explain how this little cat has completely changed my life.

When I found my self going solo in this epic bike journey I had undertaken, I was unsure where to head next. Since I hooked up with Nala, she has given me a purpose and companionship . I’m also learning a lot of important lessons, not just about our planet and the people who live on it, but also about myself.

Nala’s world is available in 8 languages with more to come! Click here for more…

English versions can be shipped globally using Waterstones UK

Nala’s Knitted Jumper


When the weather gets colder I like to make sure Nala is still keeping warm and she loves her little jumpers just as much as I do!

  • ~ Helps regulate body temperature
  • ~ Protects your pet from wind
  • ~ Soft & lightweight
  • ~  Available in a range of sizes


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** Excluding gift cards

Nala’s Harness


Nala’s mint green harness has long been part of her essential uniform when we cycle.  After trying out several different harnesses,  Supakit’s Gatsby cat harness was by far Nala’s favourite.

Supakit’s cat harness is crafted from genuine leather (cork version available) that lasts a life time and is so soft and flexible even an active cat like Nala soon forgot she had a harness on.

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