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Paper Dolls



To celebrate the 1000th comic Kelly has designed these beautiful paper dolls for you to cut out and dress up at home

Steps to print

1. Save this file to your device
2. Make sure your printer is connected and set up for A4 (210 x 297 mm) paper
3. Select pages 1 and 2 make sure not to print these instructions to save on paper.
4. Make sure you are printing this in colour, on A4 (210 x 297 mm) paper, single sided
5. Cut out your Nala & Vinny dolls along with their outfits and enjoy!

DEAN & NALA + Vinny Comics


Comic Subscription

Since May 2019 Kelly Ulrich, has been illustrating mine and Nala’s journey through a hand drawn comic strips. Along our journey Kelly has been featuring the animals and people we have met and so came the introduction of Vinny the roach, Nalas trusty side kick.

The comic subscription service gives you exclusive access to the latest hand illustrated comics of our adventures. With 4-7 posts a week, we will keep you fully up to date with all the goings and the antics of Nala and Vinny!  You can even go back to the very first comic and see where it all began, with access to every comic right up until present day.

All proceeds go towards supporting Kelly and I so we can continue this fantastic adventure we have embarked on. We hope you enjoy the comics as much as we love creating them!

Nala’s World Book


I’m thrilled to be able to tell our story in full in a book and explain how this little cat has completely changed my life.

When I found my self going solo in this epic bike journey I had undertaken, I was unsure where to head next. Since I hooked up with Nala, she has given me a purpose and companionship . I’m also learning a lot of important lessons, not just about our planet and the people who live on it, but also about myself.

Nala’s world is available in 8 languages with more to come! Click here for more…

English versions can be shipped globally using Waterstones UK