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Nala the Navigator Jigsaw Puzzle


Dean’s Birthday Limited Edition

From the minute Nala and I embarked on this journey together she took to the bike. First it was snuggling into my neck when she was just a little kitten, then as Nala got bigger along came the red basket. So for my birthday I wanted this jigsaw to come from one of our most iconic pictures where you can see us just as if you had bumped into us on the street.

Our 1000 piece puzzle is  with FSC certified paper board packed which in a biodegradable corn-starch bag. The jigsaw, box and packaging you will receive yours in is 100% recyclable.

Jigsaw difficulty rating 5-7, great if you’re buying your first puzzle, but you still want it to be a challenge or if you are into puzzles it will keep your mind sharp! (will take approx. 6 hours to complete) For hints & tips see what everyone is saying on the 1bike1world merch forum

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DEAN & NALA + Vinny Comics


Comic Subscription

Since May 2019 Kelly Ulrich, has been illustrating mine and Nala’s journey through a hand drawn comic strips. Along our journey Kelly has been featuring the animals and people we have met and so came the introduction of Vinny the roach, Nalas trusty side kick.

The comic subscription service gives you exclusive access to the latest hand illustrated comics of our adventures. With 4-7 posts a week, we will keep you fully up to date with all the goings and the antics of Nala and Vinny!  You can even go back to the very first comic and see where it all began, with access to every comic right up until present day.

All proceeds go towards supporting Kelly and I so we can continue this fantastic adventure we have embarked on. We hope you enjoy the comics as much as we love creating them!