TTTM Hammock


When we are not in our tent you will find us hanging from the trees in our Ticket To The Moon (TTTM) Hammock.

Perfect for overnight camping under the stars and day time relaxing,  I want to share this hammock with you all so you too can experience the wonders of nature and give yourself a minute to take it all in.

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All hammocks are customisable in colour and come in a range of sizes.  We also use the bug net to keep out those annoying mosquitos and the Moon Tarp to shelter from the rain. All fixed to the tree using the Moon Straps.

Bamboo cutlery set with Straw


When I’m on the road and cooking from the camping stove, I use my SeaForYourselfco bamboo cutlery set.

SeaForYourselfco cutlery is completely biodegradable, at the end of their life compost or recycle and be sure that your cutlery won’t be floating around our oceans for decades to come!

~ Sustainable
~ Biodegradable
~ Recyclable
~ Compostable

Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows quickly in China and other parts of Asia making it a perfect plastic alternative.

20p from every set is donated to eco charities who combat plastic pollution

Click ‘buy product’ to be taken to the Seaforyourselfco page. Order any product and save 20% off your order through us. Cutlery pouches come in a range of designs. Bamboo toothbrushes also available.

Code: Nala20

Nala’s Backpack


Having the backpack is a life saver when we are off the bike and out trekking or exploring towns. The mesh covered den is perfect for when Nala gets tired or cold, allowing us to go for longer walks.

$119.99 USD

Bag dimensions:  | 33 cm *26 cm*40 cm \  12 in*10 in*15 in

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** Excluding gift cards

Nala’s Knitted Jumper


When the weather gets colder I like to make sure Nala is still keeping warm and she loves her little jumpers just as much as I do!

  • ~ Helps regulate body temperature
  • ~ Protects your pet from wind
  • ~ Soft & lightweight
  • ~  Available in a range of sizes


Click ‘buy product’ to be taken to the Arthemis website.

Order any product and save 15% off your order through us


** Excluding gift cards

Nala’s Harness


Nala’s mint green harness has long been part of her essential uniform when we cycle.  After trying out several different harnesses,  Supakit’s Gatsby cat harness was by far Nala’s favourite.

Supakit’s cat harness is crafted from genuine leather (cork version available) that lasts a life time and is so soft and flexible even an active cat like Nala soon forgot she had a harness on.

Click ‘buy product’ to be taken to the Supakit page. Order any product from and save 10% off your order through us.



Kabloom Seedbom


Bee’s are incredibly important for the sustainability of our ecosystem but sadly bee number are in decline from many threats such as habitat loss and pesticides.

So, to help we have teamed up with Kabloom to give you 15% off and help you easily build bee habitats in your own garden! 

Thee Pollinator Beebom contains a buzzing mix of wildflower seeds that will grow into bright and beautiful nectar rich flowers loved by bumblebees and honey bees. This mix of Cornflower, Vipers Bugloss, Wild Marjoram, Red Clover, Borage & Phacelia are all species found on the RHS Perfect for Pollinators List

KABLOOM POLLINATOR PLEDGE – 10% of all profits go to The BumbleBee Conservation Trust!

Kabloom have a range of boms, from butterflies right through to cat nip! – click ‘buy product” to be taken to the site with 15% off or use code NALA15

(Please note:  following Brexit Kaboom can only sell inside the UK due to seed import/export restrictions)